[Short Rant] Is Vine too disruptive?

When Vine[1] was first announced, I got excited. Finally, a product which provided those lovable, short “GIF” style videos on a social media platform. In a word; awesome.

But the more I think about it, the more I dislike the platform. Video and social media is always an odd mix – look at your own social media feed. I’m willing to bet there are a few videos mixed in there, but you will probably only look at one or two.


Because social media is largely based on the scrolling platform. With social media, your data is constantly being thrown at you, you are constantly moving through sources of information, and always gaining a broader, overall social insight. It’s a platform which discourages more than a three sentence update.

Both Twitter and Facebook know this – Facebook, with its ‘continue reading’ feature for long updates, Twitter with a character limit. And both tend to leave video just sitting there – avoiding actively pushing the content out.

The most interesting thing about this, however, is with Vine. Twitter have almost thought that they can find the happy medium between the disruptive nature of video on social media, and the clear and present emotional tone it can convey. They’re banking on it not being disruptive enough that it allows you to still watch.

Having used Vine, though, I’m not convinced. There isn’t enough video to truly tell a story – and to truly tell a succinct story, you’ll need more video. Slightly ironically, a picture here does not paint a thousand words.

Twitter have banked a lot on Vine, and I hope it goes well for them. My gut feel, though, is this is just a little too disruptive for the format.


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