How ‘Generation N’ can put profit back into newspapers

Colin Morrison hits the nail on the head – content portals to be the future of media for the Digital Generation.

Flashes & Flames

It’s been just like the old days in Britain this week. There’s been fierce coverage for and against Margaret Thatcher. And sell-out newspapers reporting her life and death. Fittingly, UK daily sales peaked 24 years ago when Thatcher became Prime Minister. But it’s been downhill ever since.

The problem is that a fixation with the advertising-subsidised past is obstructing fundamental change. How else can you explain the 450,000 of “bulk copies” distributed in January by UK national dailies to hotels, airlines and railways? It’s all about hyping circulations for the “benefit” of advertisers but the obsession with sales figures is holding newspapers back. And some of the worst offenders are strong brands which are already filling the revenue gap.

The UK’s Financial Times is the world champion at increasing its cover price: up from £1 to £2.50 in six years after a four-year standstill. It has thus been able to generate…

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